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Tipstick Certified Organic Toner (Vegan)


Based on cooling organic peppermint extract, this refreshing Peppermint  Toner will help deeply cleanse skin. Organic vegetable glycerin locks in moisture while organic willow bark extract soothes stressed skin.  Bolstered by a broad spectrum of natural alpha hydroxy acids derived  from organic bilberry, organic sugar cane, organic sugar maple, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel and organic cranberries, peppermint  toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring the appearance of a  youthful, glowing complexion.  

A great improvement for our daily skin care routine.

Estimated price, $9.5

Tipstick Refreshing Vegan Lip Balm


  • This gentle, moisturizing balm features a kiss of natural peppermint flavor oil, which gives it a sweet + light minty taste. 
  • Emollient-rich organic olive, coconut and jojoba oils + pure organic shea butter lock in deep hydration without any gummy, waxy residue.  
  • Best improvement for your skin care routine
  • Estimated price, $6.7

Tipstick Hemp Lotion


Keepin’ it Hip, keepin’ it Hemp, keepin’ it Hydrated with Tipstick’s  Hemp Lotion. This beautiful, ultra moisturizing and conditioning formula  uses pure, Organic Hemp Seed Oil (THC free), which is loaded with  essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and other vital nutrients, that help to  replenish, renew and rejuvenate even the most mature, (un)wise  sun-worshiping skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. For centuries,  the versatile hemp plant has been used for many things - from clothing,  to food, to beauty products and more.

Eco-friendly, fast to  harvest, requiring no fertilizers or pesticides, replenishing the soil  and returning life-giving oxygen make this little green plant one of the  most perfect renewable resources around. With amazing hemp being in the  spotlight, this hydrating, eco-chic multi-beneficial lotion is perfect  for your fun and hip cosmetics bag – it’s a Must Have for your skin care routine !  

Estimated price, $10.00

Tipstick Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub - USDA Certified Organic


If you love scrubs, then, going organic with this Certified Organic Virgin  Coconut Sugar Scrub will be exhilarating! The raw, slightly more intense  exfoliating sensation of the Organic Cane Sugar, meets the buttery-soft  and luxurious pure Organic Virgin Coconut oil and melts deeply into  parched, rough dry skin leaving it ever so smooth, soft and hydrated.  This eco-chic scrubs moisture boost last long after the experience is  over. It is sure to please our most discerning Organic and  green-conscious customers in their daily skin care routine! 

Estimated price, $12.50

Tipstick Muscle Gel


  A great lotion to soothe sore, tired muscles, ready to add to your gym bag. 

  • Perfect for use in a spa as part of a massage experience
  • Toss in the gym bag to rub over sore muscles post-gym
  • Supremely relaxing icy-hot sensation created by cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil.

  • organic aloe leaf juice
  • menthol & capsicum
  • camphor oil
  • muscle essential oil blend

This product is vegan.

Another great improvement for your skin care routine.   Estimated price, $11.75

Tipstick Dream Creme (Certified Organic)



A dream come true and an instant must have favorite for your skin care routine , Organic Dream Crème can tame even the most wild and  fly away hair. 

But that’s not all! 

This versatile crème is great for  the entire body, head to toe, and will leave skin and hair soft and  supple without feeling greasy or weighed down.  Notice how dry nail beds  get during the winter? Massage Essential Dream Crème into cuticles and  notice no more.  

Estimated price, $22

Product Features

Elegant Roll-On

how to clear acne with rollon pocket portable TSA travel tips skin care

Immediate and lasting relief from common skin irritations, including, bumps, ingrown hairs, post-shave concerns, red spots.  No cotton ball. No waste.

Distinctive Sprays

how to clear acne with spray pocket portable TSA travel tips skin care

Personal, pocket-sized, in 4ml spray, for friction-free application. Or, choose the 10ml roll-on.  Roller ball comes in stainless steel, or, plastic. Equally personal. Portable cosmetics have arrived.

Unique Formulations

cosmetics formulations

Our skin care formulations are carefully configured by cosmetic professionals, behind years of testing and superb results,  from only select pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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