Detailed Instructions for Use For Daily Skin Care

Please Read Carefully

Use the Tipstick  for extra attention on those red spots, ingrown hairs, or, those other daily shaving skin care routine as a supplement in between shaves, in underarm, bikini line, and, of course

neck area.

For best results, apply to clean skin only.

1 - Tip downward to wet roller ball

2 - Return roller ball to upward position

3 - Remove twist off cap

4 - Apply Tipstick  to affected area only

5 - Replace twist-on cap

For Tipstick spray, spray lightly without saturation; aim away from eyes; avoid inhalation.


General Instructions


These instructions apply to men and women. Be sure to apply to CLEAN, DRY skin. 

Apply at any time during the day, as many times as you wish, or at night before sleep 

and again in the morning after showering, shaving, and drying. Once the skin clears, 

apply the Tipstick regularly to maintain good condition. Adjust usage over time to 

determine the least usage needed. Do not wash off. Moisturizer or cologne can be

applied with the product once it dries.


Use This Product…..

1. For many kinds of bumps

2. For ingrown hairs

3. For skin redness 

4, After hair removal.

5. For overall skin irritation

All of these cosmetic problems relate to hair removal. This means that Tipstick

products are good for women and men. Men can use it on their faces, necks and

back of the head. Women will find it useful on legs, bikini lines, underarms

and anywhere else hair removal creates irritation. Tipstick products work 

very quickly. You will see results within 36 hours.

All Tipstick products have a money back guarantee.

Use in conjunction with shaving. Delay after waxing, electrolysis and epilating for

at least 24 hours before use.

Do not remove hair with tweezers. It aggravates the skin and can worsen irritation.

Try applying it to your irritated areas regularly.

You will notice steady improvements and low probability of outbreaks.


Specific Precautions

Some Tipstick products may cause mild exfoliation. This is beneficial,

as it will leave your skin looking smooth and will help remove rough skin build-up.

Perform a test patch on a small area of skin and wait 5 minutes. 

If you have no reactions, proceed with application.

Potential allergic reaction:

Caution - if you have had a previous reaction to aspirin do not use this product.

Standard Precautions: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Flammable. Do not ingest. 

Avoid contact with eyes. Not tested for use during pregnancy and nursing. Avoid 

dyed/finished surfaces and jewelry. APPLY only to CLEAN, DRY skin.  You may see 

some crystal formation after product exposure to cold temperatures. This is normal. Crystals will 

disappear after the bottle returns to room temperature in 1-2 days. There is no degradation

of product performance. The Tipstick container should be discarded when contents become

excessively cloudy or when emptied. It should not reused.

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